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Alaska Airlines 'Proudly All Boeing' for $5 billion

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Alaska Airlines ordered 50 Boeing aircraft to be delivered between 2015 and 2022. The whole fleet, including the 737 MAX, is worth $5 billion.

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The order includes 13 Boeing Next-Generation 737-900ERs, 20 737 MAX 8s and 17 737 MAX 9s. Alaska Airlines currently operates 120 Boeing 737s and with the new order the carrier plans to meet air travel demand over the next ten years. Some 75 percent of the aircraft are expected to replace older airplanes.

"This order positions us for growth and ensures that we'll continue to operate the quietest and most fuel-efficient aircraft available for the foreseeable future. That means our customers will continue to enjoy a comfortable in-flight experience, low fares and excellent on-time performance. We value our longstanding relationship with Boeing and look forward to painting 'Proudly All Boeing' on the nose of our aircraft for many, many years into the future," said Brad Tilden, Alaska Airlines President and CEO.

Existing and new orders for the 737-900ER will be delivered starting in late October 2012 and continue through 2017. The first 737 MAX 8 is scheduled to enter Alaska's fleet in 2018 followed by the first 737 MAX 9 in 2019. Alaska is the third U.S. airline to order the MAX.

"The 737 MAX will be a great addition to Alaska Airlines' all-Boeing 737 fleet," said Ray Conner, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "It will build on the strong record of operational and financial performance that Alaska Airlines has established with the 737 family. This order demonstrates our hometown partner's strong commitment to operate the most fuel-efficient single-aisle airplanes on the market today and in the future."

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