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American Airlines cuts 80% of Venezuela flights

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American Airlines, which was one of the largest foreign carriers into Venezuela with almost 7 flights daily from Miami, Dallas and New York, has announced that it is cutting flights to almost one a day because of unexchanged currency.

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As of March 31, American says that it had $750 million in bolivars that the Venezuelan government has refused to exchange for US dollars. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says that airlines have almost $4 billion in unexchanged bolivars trapped in Venezuela, some of which have not been exchanged since 2012.

American says that it will discontinue 38 of its 48 weekly flights between the USA and Venezuela and end service between Caracas and Dallas, New York and San Juan after July 1. American will continue to operate 8 weekly flights between Miami and Caracas and 2 weekly flights between Miami and Maracaibo.

Air Canada and Alitalia have also discontinued service to Venezuela because they were unable to exchange their currency.

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