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American Airlines: Only several hundred flights do not have pilots

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American Airlines said only several hundred flights out of a potential 15,000 scheduled for next month do not currently have pilots after a software glitch caused scheduling problems.

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American said the glitch in the employee scheduling software allowed too many pilots to take time off during the busy holiday travel season.

Thousands of pilots were able to schedule breaks Dec. 17-31, leaving flights scheduled to depart from American’s most bustling hubs pilotless, including airports in New York City, Miami, Dallas and Chicago.

A day later, American said most of those flights now have pilots.

“Out of the 200,000 flights American will operate in December, only a few hundred are currently unassigned to pilots,” according to a statement by American.

"That number of open flights continues to decrease thanks to our pilots who are stepping up to the plate and picking up trips to ensure customers are taken care of.”

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