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Apple most trusted company for privacy in U.S.

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Ponemon Institute announced the results of its 2017 Most Trusted Companies for Privacy, measuring consumer perceptions of trustworthiness in companies and federal agencies.

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First conducted in 2005, the study examines how issues related to consumer privacy and data security, and the ways in which organizations address those issues, translate to consumers' trust.

These organizations are noteworthy because several of them have made the list for several years and is evidence of their serious commitment to privacy.

Specifically, American Express, HP, IBM, Intuit and the US Postal Service have made the list of the top 20 most trusted companies for 10 years.

The 10 Most Trusted Companies for 2017

1 Apple
2 Amazon
3 American Express
5 LinkedIn
6 Facebook
7 HP, Inc.
8 Intuit
9 PayPal
10 US Postal Service (tied) and USAA (tied)

USAA has been on the list for nine years, Apple for seven years, Amazon and LinkedIn for six years.

More than 100,000 adult-aged consumers were asked to name up to five companies they believe to be most trusted for protecting the privacy of their personal information.

Consumer responses were collected using a continuous sampling method over 12 consecutive months, which concluded in December 2016.

This resulted in a final sample of 7,474 qualified respondents who, on average, provided 5.5 discernible company rating that represent 25 different industries.

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