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Banks to take over Agrokor's debts to suppliers

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Joint measures on the troubled Croatian-based company Agrokor will be considered at a Wednesday meeting in Belgrade of the trade ministers from Serbia, Rasim Lajic, Slovenia, Zdravko Pocivalsek, Bosnia, Mirko Sarovic, and Montenegro, Dragica Sekulic.

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“Considering that all regional countries seek individual solutions to the challenges in the business of Agrokor... the meeting in Belgrade will discuss joint measures and actions to preserve jobs and protect the interests of suppliers as well as other issues related to the stable working of the , Agrokor Group,” the web portal of the Serbian ministry said.

The Belgrade meeting will be first of that kind, in which four countries will jointly consider ways to protect their interests.

At the same time, Agrokor's supplier and creditors should reach an agreement by the end of the week to freeze the payment of obligations under bills of exchange, a consultancy which will care out the restructuring process should be chose, a call for claims registration will be issued, and talks with Russian banks on further lending will continue, Croatian media reported.

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