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British Airways says power surge at Heathrow data centre caused outage

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The IT shutdown which led to chaos for British Airways was caused by the "uncontrolled return of power" following an outage, the airline said Wednesday.

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Servers at its data centre Boadicea House, near Heathrow, were physically damaged by the malfunction.

Around 75,000 passengers were disrupted as flights were cancelled following the incident on Saturday morning.

The carrier, part of International Consolidated Airlines Group SA, was unable to resume a full schedule until Tuesday and many passengers who had already checked in when the issue emerged are still waiting to be reunited with their luggage.

BA was accused of greed after the GMB union suggested the issue could have been prevented if the airline had not cut "hundreds of dedicated and loyal" IT staff and contracted the work to India last year.

The cause of the initial power outage and the subsequent surge has not yet been revealed.

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