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British Airways to recruit record number of pilots and cabin crew

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British Airways is to recruit a record number of pilots and cabin crew in 2016, which will increase its flying crew to more than 20,000 for the first time in its near 100 year history.

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The record crew numbers will help fly the airline’s growing aircraft fleet – with 13 brand new 787-9s and A380s arriving in 2016 alone – serving 13 new short and long-haul routes starting this year. The airline plans to recruit more than 350 pilots and 1,600 cabin crew – the highest number in a single year for the carrier.

The airline recruits its pilots through three main channels; its own sponsored cadet scheme, direct from other carriers and experienced pilots from the military. The airline’s cadet scheme, the British Airways Future Pilot Programme opens annually to anyone aged 18 to 55 with no previous flying experience necessary.

British Airways’ cabin crew applicants must pass a series of exacting tests before the very best make it onto the airline’s bespoke course. The initial online stage of the application process includes a series of searching questions to help potential candidates assess whether they are suited to the role.

All flying crew will be trained at British Airways’ new state-of-the-art Global Learning Academy based at Heathrow, which includes the airline’s 15 full motion simulators, and realistic short and long-haul aircraft training cabins.

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