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Chinese courts says John Deere's colors are trademark

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The color combination of a green body and yellow wheels is not simply a symbol of John Deere tractors. It is a trademark of the international agricultural equipment giant, the Beijing intermediate court ruled late last month.

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The U.S. company's China division won its case when the court found its competitor violated John Deere's rights to a green and yellow combination on heavy equipment. It was the first lawsuit in China involving infringement on a color combination trademark since the category came under the protection of the trademark law in 2001, reports China Daily.

The court verdict said the Qingdao and Beijing branches of Jotec International Heavy Industry must pay a total of 450,000 yuan ($74,340) in compensation, Legal Daily reported.

John Deere established its China office in 1997 to produce machinery including tractors and harvesters. All its products are painted with the familiar combination of green and yellow. The trademark remains valid until 2019.

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