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Facebook Government Requests Report: U.S. No1

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Facebook released its second Government Requests Report. The company expanded its reports to include information about government requests to restrict or remove content from Facebook service on the grounds that it violates local law.

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The top five countries in terms of requests for user data from July through December 2013 were:

U.S.: 12,598 requests for user data

India: 3,598/4,711

U.K.: 1,906/2,277

Italy: 1,699/2,613

Germany: 1,687/1,950

Facebook complied with 100 percent of the requests from four countries, but the totals were exceptionally low: Cyprus (three), Ivory Coast (one), Kosovo (one), and Serbia (one).

On the other end of the spectrum, no information at all was surrendered to Armenia (one request), Bahrain (one), Bhutan (one), Botswana (one), Cambodia (one), Ecuador (two), Egypt (six), Greenland (two), Kazakhstan (two), Kuwait (four), Lebanon (12), Luxembourg (two), Macau (one), Nepal (two), Oman (three), Palestine (four), Peru (two), Qatar (three), Russia (one), South Africa (three), South Korea (one), Sri Lanka (one), Sudan (four), Thailand (two), Uganda (one), United Arab Emirates (two), and Uruguay (one).

India and Turkey blew away the field in terms of government requests to restrict or remove content, with 4,765 and 2,014, respectively. The top countries are India: 4,765 Turkey: 2,014; Pakistan: 162; Israel: 113; Germany: 84; France: 80; Austria: 78; Australia: 48; UAE: 12; Italy: 5; Russia: 4; Bangladesh: 3; and U.K.: 3.

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