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FAW-Volkswagen Chengdu produces millionth vehicle

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The gross output of finished automobiles in FAW-Volkswagen's Chengdu base hit 1 million units as an all-new Jetta rolled off the assembly line.

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Juergan Unser, vice-president and board member of FAW-Volkswagen, said it is another "China miracle" that the base has produced 1 million vehicles within three years.

The Chengdu base was set up in May 2009, in the Longquanyi district of Chengdu, 13 km east of downtown Chengdu. The first car was produced in October 2011.

Zhang Pijie, general manager of FAW-Volkswagen, said the Chengdu base is now using its full capacity and aims to produce 600,000 vehicles this year.

As the second base for FAW-Volkswagen after its headquarters in Changchun, the Chengdu base is now in full operation after the third phase was completed in January 2013.

The Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone in Longquanyi district is now an important production base for FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Toyota, Volvo and Geely. Statistics from the auto industry department of the CEDZ show it has 17 enterprises that make vehicles and about 290 related enterprises.

"Finished auto production at the CEDZ is expected to exceed 800,000 units in 2014, generating total sales revenue of over 100 billion yuan ($16 billion)," said an official at the auto industry department.

A further goal for the auto sector of the CEDZ is to manufacture 1 million vehicles annually by 2016 and 1.8 million by 2020, making it one of China's most important auto manufacturing bases, local officials said.

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