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Finland's Neste to launch low-sulfur marine fuel oil end-2017

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Neste is currently offering two low-sulfur marine fuels, the sulfur content of which is less than 0.1 percent.

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The products meet the requirements set out in the EU Sulfur Directive for ships operating in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and English Channel.

Neste's low-sulfur marine fuels that are currently available in the market are of a significantly better quality and more refined than heavy fuel oil which is regularly used as a marine fuel.

The transition to Neste's low-sulfur marine fuels has been easy because no significant investments have been required.

Neste has continued to develop its low-sulfur marine fuels, and it has been estimated that at the end of 2017 a new product will be launched which has a significantly higher viscosity than the currently available products.

The RMG-type product will be compatible with all marine fuels previously developed by Neste.

The advantage of Neste's low-sulfur marine fuels is that they burn much more cleanly than regular heavy fuel oil. Thanks to their good flammability, lower need for heating and cleaner burning, the service life of engines increases, operating costs are lower and maintenance intervals are extended.

Currently, Neste is supplying its low-sulfur marine fuels to, for example, Tallink Grupp's ships that operate in Finnish ports and bunker fuel in Helsinki and Turku.:

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