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First Maersk Triple-E container ship in the water

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Maersk, the largest shipping company in the world, is building the largest container ship: Triple E is 400 meters long, can enter just a few ports and is a sign of new shipping times.

What's the point in building the ship too big for almost all ports in the world? The answer is Economy Of Scale: The Triple-E's big capacity can move the greatest number of containers in the most efficient way and with the smallest CO2 footprint. Add to that an energy saving propulsion and you'll get the picture why Maersk is gambling with such a large ship: there's a very small chance that it will fail with Triple E.

The Triple E design helped Maersk win a "Sustainable Ship Operator of the Year" award. The company ordered 20 ships from Daewoo Shipbuilding & Mechanical Engineering Co., which values the order at $3.8 billion. European shipyards were ruled out because they were too expensive and Chinese because of quality. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2013 and the first ship has already left the dry dock and the company will announce new data and pictures on March 18.

Maersk's marine beast will cruise between Asia and Europe because that's the main Maersk's trade route bur also because there's no port in Americas could handle such a huge ship. Currently just Chinese ports (Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Yantian, Hong Kong), Singapore and European Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Felixstowe can receive the longest and widest container vessel.

The Gothenburg ports expects that the ship or one of its sister ships, will call at the port and it carries out simulator tests at the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers University where pilots are escorting the new ship on the computer. Spain is also preparing to host Triple E which should be handled in Algeciras.

The V-shaped hull of Emma Marsk is sleek but also limits space for containers. So, the Triple-E boasts an U-like hull form and an additional row of containers was added, and all that provides additional capacity for 1,500 containers. Additional container space has been created by moving the navigation bridge and accommodation 5 bays forward and the engine room and chimney 6 bays back: that adds the room for additional 1000 containers.

The world's largest container vessel feature "twin skeg" propulsion system , two engines and two propellers and that's why Triple E is the most deficient ship out there. The design is optimized to sail with the maximum possible cargo load at the speeds that the industry practices today, reducing the impact on the environment. Triple-E will produce 50 percent less CO2 than the industry average on the Asia-Europe trade lane.

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