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Freescale and Oracle evolving Internet of Things

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Freescale Semiconductor and Oracle have agreed to a wide-ranging relationship to help rapidly evolve the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The collaboration paves the way for joint engineering, marketing and standards initiatives focused on enhancing and leveraging the unique advantages that the Java platform and Freescale processors provide for IoT service providers and equipment OEMs.

As part of the collaboration, Freescale will join the Java Community Process (JCP) and work with Oracle and other JCP members to drive standard technical specifications for the Java platform. Freescale's focus in the JCP will initially be on Java for resource-constrained processing platforms, such as the low-cost, small geometry microcontrollers that provide the embedded intelligence for IoT-enabled products.

In addition, Freescale has joined the OpenJDK community, where it will work with Oracle to enhance Java for Freescale i.MX application processors, as well as contribute to open implementations of Java APIs for the IoT.

In addition to standards activities, Freescale and Oracle will collaborate on technology initiatives designed to speed and simplify the development of next-generation IoT products.

The companies plan to establish abstraction layer technology allowing Oracle Java ME Embedded to run seamlessly on Freescale's proven MQX TM embedded operating system and across a broad spectrum of Freescale microcontrollers, dramatically expanding the available processing platform choices for developers looking to create innovative IoT edge node products.

Other joint technology efforts are expected to include the optimization of Java to run on Freescale's popular i.MX 6 series applications processors, as well as further cooperation on the creation of Freescale's "one box" reference platform - a new, secured service platform based on Freescale silicon and Oracle Java SE Embedded that standardizes and consolidates the delivery and management of IoT services for the home automation, industrial and manufacturing automation markets.

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