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Gazprom's supplies to European market climbed 8 percent

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Gazprom's supplies to the European market climbed by eight percent in 2015 compared to 2014.

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The company's gas exports have gone up by 9.5 billion cubic meters in the first four months of 2016 compared to the January-April period of 2015.

Nord Stream 2 will help European countries achieve the emission reduction targets. A wider use of natural gas as the greenest fossil fuel will substantially improve the environmental situation on the continent.

As of today, geophysical surveys have been completed for the subsea section of Nord Stream 2 and geotechnical investigations are underway. Detailed surveying is planned to be conducted along the pipeline route in the near future.

The design of the subsea section and the pipeline landfall in Russia is being developed. The national reports and the consolidated report on environmental impact assessment are under preparation.

In March 2016, the pipe supply tendering for the Nord Stream 2 project was completed. The contracts were awarded to Europipe (40 percent), OMK (33 percent), and ChelPipe (27 percent). Gazprom signed pipe supply contracts with the above companies in April 2016.

In addition, Gazprom called for tenders to lay the deep-water section of the pipeline, with the exception of coastal areas.

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