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Google makes massive renewable energy purchase in U.S., Sweden and Chile

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Google announced the largest, and most diverse, purchase of renewable energy ever made by a non-utility company.

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Google has already committed to purchase more renewable energy than any other company. Now, through a series of new wind and solar projects around the world, it is one step closer to our commitment to triple its purchases of renewable energy by 2025 and our goal of powering 100% of our operations with clean energy.

This agreements will add an additional 842 megawatts of renewable energy capacity to power our data centers. Across three countries, we’re nearly doubling the amount of renewable energy Google purchased to date.

Google is now up to 2 gigawatts—the equivalent to taking nearly 1 million cars off the road. These additional 842 megawatts represent a range of locations and technologies, from a wind farm in Sweden to a solar plant in Chile.

These long-term contracts range from 10-20 years and provide projects with the financial certainty and scale necessary to build these wind and solar facilities—thus bringing new renewable energy onto the grid in these regions.

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