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Google slowing down its autonomous cars project

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Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is scaling back on its autonomous driving project, according to reports from The Information.

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The website said that the team currently in charge of "Chauffeur" will be moved out of Google's "moonshot" division, and instead centre its focus on placing sensors in traditional vehicles.

The company had recently announced a partnership with one Fiat Chrysler to develop the technology for its cars.

Google is not expected to completely abandon the race to develop the world's first wholly autonomous vehicle however, with its fleet having clocked more than two million miles of road time since their first testing in 2009.

Google initially began to do away with the steering wheel and pedals approach, but the latest setback comes from Alphabet CEO Larry Page and CFO Ruth Porat, who the report says found their approach to the idea "impractical".

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