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Google to pay news publishers 0.9 percent of its revenue

Christian Fernsby |
Google will pay publishers more than $1 billion over the next three years through a new program for licensing news.

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Google has signed licensing deals with about 200 publications in select countries with plans to add more and expand geographically.

The licensing deals are part of a new product called News Showcase, where participating publishers can curate and decide for themselves how to present their content on the platform.

The content is displayed as a "story panel," and publishers can employ timelines, bullets or related articles to tease the story and encourage viewers to click through to their site to read more.

Google will pay some publishers to make paywalled articles free to access for non-subscribers.

Starting Thursday, Google users in Brazil and Germany can access the feature. At launch, News Showcase will only be available in the Google News app on Android. But it will soon come to the iOS app and later expand to the Google Discover app and Google search.

Alphabet reported nearly $38.3 billion in revenue for the second quarter. That means Google will pay 2.5% over three years, or about 0.9% a year if the revenue stays about the same.

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