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Google's Curie subsea internet cable connects U.S. to Chile

Christian Fernsby |
Google has finished installing and testing Curie, a 6,500-mile submarine internet cable connecting the U.S. with Chile.

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The project’s completion comes seven months after the tip of the network link touched down in Valparaíso, a Chilean port city about 75 miles northwest of the capital Santiago.

The other end of the cable connects to an Equinix Inc. data center in Los Angeles.

Now that the hardware is in place, Google has moved on to the task of hooking up Curie to the rest of its network and expects the first packets to cross the Los Angeles-Valparaíso route in the second quarter of 2020.

Construction has also begun on a second branch that will land in Panama.

Curie includes four individual fiber-optic cable pairs enclosed by a protective casing that will provide a combined 72 terabits per second of extra bandwidth to South America.

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