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Hong Kong airport to investigate five Singapore Airlines crew over security breach

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Hong Kong airport authorities are investigating how five Singapore Airlines crew entered a restricted zone without security clearance last week, resulting in a flight bound for Singapore being delayed for close to three hours.

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The flight attendants entered the departure level of the terminal without undergoing the necessary security checks, and there is suspicion a third party provided them with access.

The incident occurred on February 26 but only became public knowledge on Thursday.

The five crew members had arrived with Singapore Airlines flight 856, which landed in Hong Kong at 1.35pm. They were supposed to return to Changi Airport on the same plane, marked as flight 861, at 3.45pm that day.

The crew were either supposed to stay on the plane or carry their permits and exit it via the arrivals area, where they would undergo a security check before being allowed back on the aircraft. An alternative would have been to go through the transfer channel to access the departure gate.

However, the flight attendants exited the plane and went straight into the departure area of the terminal. They subsequently boarded the flight again.

Five minutes before the plane was due to take off, security officers called airport officials to say the crew had evaded screening. Police were then called.

The aircraft was not allowed to leave and all passengers were told to disembark and go through security clearance again.

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