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Intelsat to advance 2G and 3G wireless network in Myanmar

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Intelsat said the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) of Myanmar will use two of its satellites to advance the deployment of the country’s wireless communications infrastructure, and expand broadband access for businesses.

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The multi-year, multi-transponder agreement awarded under the authority of the MOTC will allow the Government of Myanmar to significantly enhance the Myanmar government’s network as well as other mobile operators’ networks, hastening the expansion of high speed broadband and internet connectivity to business and communities throughout Myanmar.

“Over the past few years, Myanmar has made significant strides in expanding access to faster and more reliable broadband connectivity throughout the country,” said Khin Maung Thet, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications.

”With the help of Intelsat’s Globalized Network, we will leverage their satellite solutions to extend 2G and 3G communications services beyond urban centers and ensure that all of our citizens have access to higher bandwidth, superior quality and more affordable mobile broadband connectivity. Today’s announcement further underscores our commitment to building a more digitally inclusive society.”

MOTC will use C-band satellite services on Intelsat 902located at 62° East, and Ku-band services on Intelsat 906 located at 64° East for VSAT network and cellular backhaul services.

By 2018, MOTC will move to the new, high power services on the recently announced Intelsat 39 satellite, the replacement spacecraft at the 62E orbital location.

By integrating satellite solutions into its own mobile networks, MOTC will be able to dramatically increase overall network bandwidth and reliability as it expands 2G and 3G services into the more remote areas of Myanmar.

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