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It seems Google lied big time about their quantum computer

Christian Fernsby |
Google announced that it has finally pulled off the computing benchmark but IBM says that is not true.

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The company claims its quantum computer runs on a 54-qubit chip called Sycamore and took only 3 minutes and 20 seconds to calculate a problem that would take the world’s fastest computer 10,000 years to solve, Google says.

Classical computers have bits that exist as either a 1 or a 0, while quantum computers have bits, called qubits, that can exist in multiple states at the same time.

Thus, quantum computers are thought to be exponentially more powerful than today's most powerful classical supercomputers.

To prove Sycamore’s mettle, scientists developed a task that would be incredibly challenging for a classical computer to solve.

The team, led by experimental physicist John Martinis of Google and the University of California, Santa Barbara tasked its quantum computer with describing the outputs of a souped-up quantum random number generator.

Only 53 of the chip's 54 qubits were working at the time of the experiment, according to Nature. The computer accomplished the task in under four minutes.

IBM has refuted Google’s most recent claim. In a preprint paper published earlier this week, the company claimed that, using a different method, it would only take a classical supercomputer 2.5 days to make the calculation instead of 10,000 years, dampening Google's claims.

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