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Italy's antitrust opens abuse of dominant position probe into Google

Christian Fernsby |
The Italian Antitrust Authority approved the initiation of a preliminary proceeding against Alphabet Inc., Google LLC and Google Italy S.r.l. (collectively referred to as Google) to ascertain an alleged abuse of a dominant position in violation of art. 102 of the TFEU.

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In a statement the antitrust said Google had allegedly refused to integrate the app “Enel X Recharge”, developed by utility Enel, in its Android Auto app.

"Google, through the Android operating system, holds a dominant position in the smart device operating systems market and refused to integrate the "Enel X Recharge" app, developed by Enel to provide end users with information and services for the Android Auto environment. recharging the batteries of electric cars," says The Italian Competition Authority.

"Android Auto allows Android smartphone owners to easily and safely use some apps and phone features when they are driving a vehicle. Therefore, the exclusion of the Enel X Recharge app from Android Auto reduces the usability of this app by users and limits their ability to use the app's utilities, including the booking of recharging stations."

The probe will be wrapped up by May 30 next year.

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