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JPMorgan Chase discloses major data breach

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A cyberattack against JPMorgan Chase & Co this summer has compromised customer information for about 76 million households and seven million small businesses, according to the bank.

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The New York-based bank said that names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses were stolen from the company's servers, but only customers who use the websites and JPMorganOnline and the apps ChaseMobile and JPMorgan Mobile were affected.

JPMorgan Chase said there is no evidence that the data breach included account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers or dates of birth. It also said it has not seen any unusual customer fraud arising from the data breach.

JPMorgan Chase has been working with law-enforcement officials to investigate the cyberattack. The bank discovered the intrusion on its servers in mid-August and has since determined that the breach began as early as June, Patricia Wexler, a bank spokesperson, said. "We have identified and closed the known access paths."

The company also disabled compromised accounts and reset passwords of all its technology employees. In a post on its website, the bank told customers that it does not believe they need to change their password or account information.

Wexler said the bank does not plan to reissue cards as a result of the breach of its servers, noting that customer account information was not stolen.

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