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Kaufland stops selling part of Unilever's products in Bulgaria

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Kaufland and Unilever entered into a trade dispute over the prices of the goods sold.

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This has led to a break in their relationship, which will also affect the Bulgarian market. In early September, the chain decided to remove from sale 480 Unilever products in Germany. The reason is a drastic unilateral increase in the prices of the items.

"The new offer contains conditions that do not allow us to offer our customers along with the great choice and high quality and the best price - these are the basic promises we give to our customers," Kaufland said in a press release. The supplier declined to comment on the grounds that they are negotiating with their partners alone. It is now clear that the chain will limit sales not only in Germany but also in other markets, including the Bulgarian market.

As a first step, the trade chain stops orders for Unilever products in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, the company said on a questioned request to

Unilever's portfolio is much larger in our country, including well-known brands in different product types. Among the foods are brands such as Lipton Tea, Kaliakra Oil, Knorr Bullion. Domestos is among the household cleaning brands, and among the ones for personal hygiene the most popular in Bulgaria is Dove.

The chain states that they will provide an alternative to the products stopped by selling through other strong brands as well as through their own brands.

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