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Matanuska to spread to EMA region via Dole Fresh Fruit Europe

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Dole Fresh Fruit Europe, part of the US-based Food Company, stepped into a long term partnership with Matanuska Africa Ltd, aimed at increasing banana production in Mozambique.

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Matanuska, owned by Rift Valley Corporation, is based in Northern Mozambique, 100 km from the port of Nacala and has under cultivation 1,400 hectares of bananas. The current site is fully irrigated by a dedicated 55M metric cube dam, operating six pack houses and providing employment in the adjacent communities to 2,600 people.

Dole Fresh Fruit Europe will be responsible for all sales operations and will become the sole distributor of Matanuska bananas in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Dole will also provide logistical assistance and technical support for Matanuska's agricultural operations.

"The tie in with Dole Fresh Fruit Europe will allow Matanuska to develop a better product as well as provide Matanuska access to industry expertise to increase its banana production to 7-8 million boxes by the end of 2016," says Sevki Isin, Group Development Director, Rift Valley Corporation.

Ken Docherty, currently in charge of the sales office of Matanuska, will be heading a new Dole office in Dubai. This office will also market the full range of Dole South Hemisphere products in the region.

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