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Millicom and Airtel to serve 10 million customers in Ghana

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Millicom International Cellular and Bharti Airtel have, through their respective subsidiaries, entered into an agreement for Tigo Ghana Limited and Airtel Ghana Limited to combine their operations in Ghana.

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As per the agreement, Millicom and Airtel would have equal ownership and governance rights in the combined entity.

The combined business would serve nearly 10 million customers, of which 5.6 million are data customers.

It would cover more than 80% of Ghana’s population with high speed data, providing the widest 3G coverage across the country, and would have revenues close to $300 million, making it one of the largest communications companies in Ghana.

The transaction is subject to obtaining approvals from the relevant authorities in Ghana and the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

By integrating the two networks, the combined business is expected to provide Ghanaian customers with a major boost in both rural and urban network coverage – in turn translating into better voice quality, high speed data services and reinforced network stability and resilience.

With the combined fibre footprint and increased data centres, enterprise customers including both, large corporations and SMEs, would have access to a diverse portfolio of world class solutions.

Mobile Financial Services is also expected to be greatly enhanced with combined agent networks and platforms.

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