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Mondi announces plans to close two factories in the UK

Christian Fernsby |
Mondi said it plans to close the Deeside Industrial Park near Liverpool which employs 167 staff and a factory in Nelson, Lancashire with 41 jobs affected expected by this summer.

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Both affected plants create bags, pouches and laminates for the consumer industry.

A “change in demand for the niche products” was cited as the reason for the decline in business at the sites, and a 45-day consultation process is expected to begin imminently.

“Mondi sees no alternative than to start a consultation process on the potential closure. Employees will be given support during the consultation and implementation of the ultimately agreed proposal, and Mondi will follow all legal procedures in accordance with UK labour law. Mondi remains fully committed to flexible plastics packaging and will continue to serve its UK customers from its wide network of production facilities across Europe.”

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