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Nissan announces layoffs of 600 workers in Spain

Christian Fernsby |
Nissan announced the dismissal of 600 workers in the two locations owned by the multinational automotive company in Barcelona.

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In a statement, the Japanese car manufacturer confirmed on Friday it will submit a file on employment regulation (ERE), after the failure of its negotiations with trade unions.

The company announced in March its intention to cut, before Easter, its workforce by 600 people through early retirements and voluntary departures, but failed to close an agreement with representatives of the workers.

Nissan explained these actions are necessary to guarantee the competitiveness and sustainability of the Barcelona plants, which have been operating for months at 30 percent of their production capacity, depending on their version.

The company said it continues to prioritize 'voluntary measures and an early retirement plan,' in which the management of Nissan Motor Ibérica will pay those affected by the ERE 80 percent of the salary until retirement at 63 years.

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