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Nissan to invest more than $300 million in Japan

Christian Fernsby |
Nissan today announced a substantial investment in advanced technologies and equipment for its factories around the world.

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These innovations will help deliver a new generation of electrified and intelligent automobiles that embody the company’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision, while also making production operations more flexible, efficient and sustainable.

Following an initial investment of about 33 billion yen ($301,328,610) in the company’s Tochigi Plant in Japan, with work to finish in 2020, the technologies will be rolled out across factories globally.

Since 1933, Nissan has honed its ability to mass-produce vehicles to the highest possible standards.

Over the same period, the company’s takumi master technicians have perfected a range of complex or delicate processes requiring a high degree of craftsmanship.

This latest investment represents a necessary rethinking of conventional carmaking and tackles the structural and technical challenges of producing vehicles that will lead the industry in a new era of electrification and intelligence.

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