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Norwegian plans to fly Airbus, orders 30 new 321LR

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Norwegian’s subsidiary Arctic Aviation Assets (Norwegian) has placed a new order of 30 Airbus 321 Long Range aircraft.

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Norwegian will operate the A321LR once the aircraft enters service in 2019. The aircraft has a size and range that makes it suitable for many more long-haul destinations in the future.

In 2012, Norwegian signed an order for 100 A320neo aircraft with Airbus, as well as a large order with Boeing.

Now, the airline’s asset company Norwegian has converted the order from 30 A320neo aircraft to 30 A321LR aircraft, which is an even bigger aircraft type.

Norwegian will operate the new aircraft type. Eight of the aircraft are scheduled to be delivered in 2019, and the remaining 22 the following two years.

The new aircraft type has a longer range than the A320neo, is even more fuel efficient and has a single aisle cabin, seating approximately 220 passengers.

The A321LR is suitable for many more routes, i.e. between the US East Coast and Europe, between Scandinavia and parts of Asia, as well as South America and Europe.

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