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Novartis signs deal with Google to make smart lenses

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Novartis, parent company of the contact lens manufacturer Alcon, will join forces with Google to bring its smart lens technology to market.

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The smart lens technology, a product of Google Research and Google X, turns regular contact lenses into mini computers. According to Novartis, the partnership perfectly pairs the strengths of the two companies, as it marries Google's expertise in miniaturized electronics, low power chip design and microfabrication with Alcon's expertise in physiology, clinical development and evaluation.

"Alcon and Google have a deep and common passion for innovation," Jeff George, division head of Alcon, said.

"By combining Alcon's leadership in eye care and expertise in contact lenses and intraocular lenses with Google's innovative "smart lens" technology and groundbreaking speed in research, we aim to unlock a new frontier to jointly address the unmet medical needs of millions of eye care patients around the world."

Exact terms of the partnership have not been released.

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