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Ontario’s first and only diamond mine reaches end of production

Christian Fernsby |
Ten years and ten months after the official opening in July 2008, production at De Beers Group Victor Mine in northern Ontario has come to an end.

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The last of the economic ore was processed through the plant, followed by several days of low-grade ore and limestone to help purge the plant of any remaining diamonds.

Mining activities in the pit ended on March 5, when the mine switched to processing the remaining surface stockpiles of ore.

The plant will now undergo a comprehensive shutdown process through the end of June.

De Beers Group Exploration discovered Victor in 1987, becoming Canada’s first economically viable diamond deposit discovery, nearly five years ahead of the diamond discoveries in the Northwest Territories.

Since construction of the mine began in 2006, De Beers Group has spent $2.6 billion to build and operate the mine, of which $820 million has gone to Indigenous and local businesses in northern Ontario.

In addition, De Beers Group has paid $110 million in royalties to the Government of Ontario and another $100 million in corporate social investment and payments to communities.

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