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Regional airline to be created in Japan

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Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and partners are looking to create a regional airline that operates flights on behalf of major carriers and businesses.

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The companies have launched a committee to study the feasibility of this project. The Mitsubishi Heavy unit that developed the Mitsubishi Regional Jet will join the dialogue with Japan Tourism Marketing, the Development Bank of Japan, and scholars from the University of Tokyo. The panel will also reach out to Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

The planned venture would operate short-distance flights for JAL and ANA. It will also encourage regional companies, financial institutions and governments to create new businesses focused on ticket sales, with the new carrier operating the flights.

The airline will use the MRJ, Japan's first domestically built jet. The 70- to 90-passenger aircraft will be about 20% more fuel-efficient than existing planes of similar size.

The goal is to make the venture a reality by the first planned delivery of the MRJ in 2017. Once the business builds up a fleet of 100 or so planes, it is expected to rake in around 100 billion yen ($951 million) in sales a year.

Operating a route between Fukushima Airport and Shanghai will likely cost the carrier about 1 billion yen a year. This translates to about 30,000 yen to 40,000 yen a ticket, much cheaper and faster than taking a train from Fukushima to Tokyo and catching a flight there.

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