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Russian fish processing facility closes due to lack of fish

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One of the largest fish processing companies in Russia, Murmansk fish factory, has stopped work due to a lack of raw materials caused by the import ban Russia has placed on many countries.

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"Work has been discontinued, as shipments of live fish from Norwegian vessels stopped due to sanctions. We have already sent a letter to the chairman of the Russian government, but received no reply. If the problem will not be solved, we will have to file a lawsuit against the Government of the Russian Federation," Manager Michael Tooth told Itar-Tass.

Technologically Murmansk fish factory can only take live fish from tankers. However, fishing in Russia is almost non-existent because of the technical backwardness of the national fishing fleet, stressed Mr tooth.

According to the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency, in Russia there are only two living fish vessel and the company has purchased raw material from Norway. However, from 7 August, Russia banned the import of fish from Norway, EU, USA, Australia and Canada.

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