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Ryanair to buy 200 Boeing aircraft for $22 billion

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Ryanair announced that its order to purchase up to 200 Boeing "gamechanger" 737 MAX aircraft (100 firm & 100 options) has been approved by 99.93% of shareholders who voted at its EGM in Dublin.

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When finalised (and if all options are exercised) this deal will be valued at over $22bn at current list prices.

Ryanair is the lead customer for this new Boeing aircraft which will feature 197 seats (8 more than Ryanair's existing 737-800s), more leg room, new Boeing Sky Interiors, and CFM LEAP-1B engines, which will reduce fuel consumption by up to 18% in Ryanair's configuration and reduce noise emissions by 40%.

These aircraft will reduce Ryanair's unit costs, and these savings will be passed on via lower fares to Ryanair's customers, which will now grow from 82m in 2014 to over 150m customers p.a. by the end of the delivery stream in FY2024.

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