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Ryanair to invest $1 billion and grow Italian traffic by 10%

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Ryanair welcomed the initiatives taken by the Government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to reverse the €2.50 municipal tax increase from September 2016, and Minister Graziano Delrio's revised airport guidelines.

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These initiatives have now allowed Pescara airport to reach a new growth agreement with Ryanair, which will now reverse the previously announced closure of the Pescara base in November.

Ryanair also announced in response to these initiatives by Prime Minister Renzi and Minister Delrio, that it will accelerate its growth plans for the Italian market in 2017 which will see record investment and growth by Ryanair in Italian tourism:

Ryanair will see:

- 10 new aircraft (an investment of over $1 billion) allocated to the Italian market
- 44 new routes, 21 at Rome & Milan airports and 23 at Italy's regional airports
- 3m new passengers pa will be delivered (10% growth in 2017)
- Over 35m customers will fly to/from Italian airports with Ryanair in 2017
- 2,250 jobs will be created by Ryanair at Italy's airports in 2017.

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