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Sanofi starts action to remove all Medivation directors

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Sanofi has submitted a letter to the secretary of Medivation requesting that the Medivation board fix a record date to determine the shareholders entitled to give their consent to remove and replace all Medivation directors.

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The latest day the Medivation Board can set the record date is June 22, 2016. After the record date, Medivation directors can be removed and replaced at any time by shareholders delivering consents representing a majority of the outstanding shares.

Pursuant to the terms of its bylaws, Medivation is required to adopt a resolution fixing the record date within 10 calendar days of this request.

The record date must be set for a date no more than 10 calendar days after the date upon which the Medivation Board adopts the resolution fixing the record date.

If no record date has been fixed by the Medivation Board within 10 calendar days of receipt of such request, the record date will be the first date on which a signed written consent is delivered to Medivation, in accordance with its bylaws.

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