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Saudi Aramco helps woman in leadership positions

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The second Saudi Aramco Women in Leadership (WiL) program will come to a close in November. The goal is to help women to overcome additional challenges that come from being a female leader.

The WiL program was designed and developed by the Leadership Development Division of the Professional Development Department and is delivered in partnership with McKinsey Consulting and the Saudi Aramco Management Development Department.

The program stresses that to reach the highest levels of management and succeed consistently, it is essential for leaders to demonstrate their ability to motivate and align employees, build connections, think strategically and influence decisions.

In facing those challenges women often struggle with how to develop a style that is both effective within the organizational culture and true to themselves and social expectations. Effective leadership is not about brute force but rather about preparation, relationship-building, credibility, creativity, and understanding value beginning with the individual. Women and men do need the same leadership skill.

However, women need a program to address the additional challenges that come from being a female leader in the current organizational and social environment and succeed without sacrificing their values.

Through a combination of self-awareness diagnostics, guided discussion, lectures, and interactive exercises, this program raises female leadership skills in two fundamental areas, namely self-management and people management.

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