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Seiko: Our product will be far superior to Google glass

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Seiko Epson is creating a new form of wearable computer technology, similar to that under development by Google Glass, but which will be "far superior" to Google's product, the Japanese corporation's president told EurActiv.

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Minoru Usui said the new ideas would feed into its Moverio smart glass technology and radically improve it. The defiant statement comes as both Google and Epson seek to move the hi-tech revolution into a new era by creating mass-market "wearable" computers.

"The era where you can get whatever information you want, wherever you go, is definitely coming to the world and Epson is very enthusiastic about creating these so-called wearable products," Usui said. He said that Google Glass had "made a lot of headlines", conceding that "they have been very innovative and are trying to open up a new market."

But he differentiated Epson's Moverio smart-glasses, early versions of which are already on the market, saying: "Our approach is very different from theirs. We are going to go about this by refining our core compact energy saving technologies and we will create products from these core devices ourselves, and these will be highly original products based on our own technologies. We are going to leverage our core technologies to create something that is far superior to what they can do, so please watch out for Epson!"

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