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Space Pioneer raises $14 million to develop green liquid rocket engines

Christian Fernsby |
Chinese space propulsion startup Space Pioneer has raised $14 million in funding for completing a series of next-generation liquid engines.

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ZJU Joint Innovation Investment, linked to Zhejiang University, led the pre-Series A round. Innoangel Fund and Eagles Fund, both based in Beijing, joined the round.

Space Pioneer, full name Beijing Tianbing Technology Co., Ltd., secured two previous funding rounds in 2019, one of which also included ZJU Joint Innovation Investment.

The company, established in 2015, will use the funds to develop a 30-ton-thrust HCP liquid engine named Tianhuo-3. It aims to fully develop the engine and take it to the test stand this year. Igniter hot fire tests were performed late last year.

Tianhuo series engines use a ‘next-generation’ green, ambient temperature propellant. A hot test of the Tianhuo-2 engine was conducted early this year.

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