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Suppliers threaten to cut all supplies to troubled Agrokor

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The Coordination of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Agrokor held a meeting on Monday, threatening with the suspension of all deliveries for Agrokor and Konzum.

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Suppliers among other things are demanding that debts for the newly-delivered goods are treated the same as new loans and that Agrokor finds new financing.

The coordination requires that the date of validity of the memo concluded between the supplier and the financial institution be transferred to the date of the claim submission (9 and 20 June 2017 respectively).

The working group for the coordination of the supply chain has been formed due to the possible launch of claims against financial institutions due to the undercover financing of the Agrokor Group.

The coordination seeks an official interpretation of the Parliamentary Legislative Committee is sought to ensure that all obligations towards suppliers for the goods delivered after April 10, 2017 have the same status as banks have for new loans - so-called "Senior" status.

The coordination seeks a formal statement by Ante Ramljak, the government's commissioner, and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government and Minister of Economy, Martina Dalić, that all the bills of the suppliers have the same status, that is, all debts are subject to a regressive right of the Agrokor debts rather than the suppliers.

It is requested from the Extraordinary Commissioner Ante Ramljak to agree on the new Agrokor debenture as soon as possible and to comply with the law to settle part of the old obligations towards the suppliers on all grounds due until the day of the opening of the procedure of the extraordinary administration.

Manufacturers and suppliers agree that if the above mentioned requirements are not reached by Monday, 29 May 2017, a new suspension will be made of all goods.

A helicopter owned by Ivica Todoric, the founder of Agrokor, will soon go on sale.

"The helicopter is owned by Agrokor and it currently ends regular overhaul. Extraordinary Administration does not use it and intends to sell it.

"The crew has already been reduced and just one pilot will be employed until it is sold," the company confirmed.

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