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Teens are leaving Facebook

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Social media use is skyrocketing among teenagers but they are not happy with Facebook where they can see drama, stress and their parents, according to the Pew Research Center.

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The study shows that 81 percent of teens use social-networking sites, up from 55 percent in 2006; 94 percent of teens said they use Facebook.

The report says teens "dislike the increasing number of adults on the site, get annoyed when their Facebook friends share inane details, and are drained by the 'drama' that they described as happening frequently on the site. The stress of needing to manage their reputation on Facebook also contributes to the lack of enthusiasm."

Among users, 70 percent of teens say they're Facebook friends with the parents; 91 percent are friends with members of their extended family; and 30 percent are friends with teachers or coaches.

As one 17-year-old boy said in a focus group: "It sucks... Because then they [my parents] start asking me questions like why are you doing this, why are you doing that. It's like, it's my Facebook. If I don't get privacy at home, at least, I think, I should get privacy on a social network."

Teens reported moving to networks like Twitter and Instagram to be "freed from the social expectations and constraints of Facebook," the report says.

In a focus group, a 19-year-old girl said she used the other sites because "my mom doesn't have that."

A 14-year-old girl said: "I think Facebook can be fun, but also it's drama central. On Facebook, people imply things and say things, even just by a like, that they wouldn't say in real life."

Teens are also using other sites: 26 percent were on Twitter last year, 11 percent are on Instagram, and 5 percent on Tumblr.

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