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TGS announces second reprocessing project offshore Indonesia in 2022

Christian Fernsby |
TGS announced it has commenced a broadband 2D regional seismic data reprocessing project covering the offshore Natuna Basin, Indonesia.

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The project encompasses both West and East Natuna, tying key wells to create a new regional framework, including coverage of Natuna D Alpha, the largest undeveloped gas field in Southeast Asia, and the Paus block in the current Indonesia Petroleum Bid Round 2021.

Over 6,500 kilometers of relevant regional 2D field data will be processed through a modern comprehensive reprocessing sequence comprising Pre-Stack Time Migration and Pre-Stack Depth Migration with FWI, allowing customers to develop structural and geological models in their pre-study evaluation process.

This project is complemented by TGS' adjacent multi-client activity offshore Malaysia.

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