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Tigo's users in Paraguay have free Facebook

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Millicom announced a partnership between its service brand Tigo and Facebook in Paraguay. For the first time, Facebook appears in a TV campaign cobranded with Tigo Paraguay.

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The partnership means Tigo customers can now access Facebook through their handset without incurring any data charges and connect with the social media network's two million users in Paraguay and its 1.2 billion users worldwide.

Additionally, it is the first time any major social media company has made a version in Guarani which is the indigenous language spoken by the majority of Paraguayans. Having Facebook in Guarani takes us one big step closer to a connected world.

The strategic partnership is part of Facebook's recent initiative launched by the company's founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

The time-limited free service also includes the launch of a Facebook service in Guarani, the native language of Paraguay, a project undertaken with the help of the country's Secretariat of Linguistic Policy.

Hans-Holger Albrecht, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Millicom, the company behind the Tigo brand, said "Facebook has been a fantastic driver of data on mobile networks. With this unique partnership, we are making Tigo stand out from the crowd and giving many customers their first taste of the internet and social media, including in Guarani."

Javier Olivan, Vice President of Growth and Analytics at Facebook commented "We're excited to be working with Tigo to give more people in Paraguay the ability to share and connect free of data charges across Facebook apps and mobile website, and now in the traditional language of Guarani."

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