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Uber, Lyft drivers have 30 days to complete business registration in SF

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Nearly 37,000 drivers for ride-booking services in San Francisco will have to register as a business within 30 days, the San Francisco Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector said.

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Mailed notices have been sent out to independent contractors in the city working for ride-booking service such as Uber and Lyft, notifying them that they must register as a business, treasurer and tax collector officials said.

The notice follows nearly two years of enforcement work, including multiple requests for information and subpoenas to get sufficient data about business operations from ride-booking drivers who live in San Francisco, according to the treasurer and tax collector office.

"I urge all the people receiving this notice, and all unregistered businesses operating in San Francisco to take prompt action to come into compliance immediately," Treasurer José Cisneros said.

Registration fees for new business can cost anywhere from $75 to $35,000, depending on the type of business and its annual gross receiptss.

San Francisco-based Lyft said it was concerned with the move, because once a driver registers with the city, some of their personal information would become available to the public.

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