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UK, Spain and France: Google should rewrite privacy policy

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The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the UK said it sent a letter to Google which confirms that Google's "privacy policy raises serious questions."

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"We have today written to Google to confirm our findings relating to the update of the company’s privacy policy. In our letter we confirm that its updated privacy policy raises serious questions about its compliance with the UK Data Protection Act.

"In particular, we believe that the updated policy does not provide sufficient information to enable UK users of Google’s services to understand how their data will be used across all of the company’s products.

"Google must now amend their privacy policy to make it more informative for individual service users. Failure to take the necessary action to improve the policies compliance with the Data Protection Act by 20 September will leave the company open to the possibility of formal enforcement action," said an ICO spokesperson.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has taken action after working with the other members of the Article 29 Working Party, made up of the other 27 data protection authorities from across Europe. Similar announcements have recently been made by several other data protection authorities, including those in France and Spain. We will continue to co-ordinate our efforts to ensure that people’s privacy rights are respected.

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