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Ukrainian anti-monopoly suit against Gazprom set for December 5

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The Kiev Commercial Court will consider on December 5 a lawsuit lodged by Ukraine’s Antimonopoly Committee (AMCU).

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It is seeking 171.8 billion hryvnia ($6.8 billion) from the Russian natural gas giant Gazprom for abusing its monopoly on the Ukrainian gas transit market, RIA Novosti reported.

A judge has postponed the hearing because it takes time for the parties’ lawyers to draft comments on the case.

Gazprom was fined nearly 86 billion hryvnia (about $3.4 billion) in January and ordered to stop further alleged infringement.

Now the watchdog is seeking penalties that amount to another 86 billion hryvnia.

Gazprom claims that it is not engaged in business activity in Ukraine challenging the fine.

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