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U.S. company signs $1.175bn Iran energy deal

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California-based World Eco Energy has signed a preliminary agreement to invest $1.175 billion in Iran, in a rare joint commercial project to turn rubbish and human waste into electricity.

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World Eco Energy told AFP it plans to produce 250 megawatts daily by burning trash and by processing algae and salt and waste water into power. Iran will match the US investment, the company said.

A company spokesman said the project, in the southwestern province of Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari, would create 600-700 jobs, 80 percent of which would go to locals.

It is scheduled to start in September 2014 and is an early indication of the foreign business that may flow back to Iran if U.S., European and UN sanctions are lifted. Iran is in the final phase of negotiating with world powers about a conclusive deal to resolve international concern about its nuclear programme.

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