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Vespa opens its first flagship store in Beijing

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Vespa, the scooter brand owned by Italy's Piaggio Group, is betting that the growing use of scooters in big Chinese cities will raise its sales over the next decade.

The Italian company is looking to boost its international growth in China's lucrative market. Vespa finally entered the Chinese market when it opened its first flagship store in Beijing last week.

The company said it would bring young consumers a new style of individual freedom, both for leisure driving and urban commuting.

The scooters have Vespa's fuel injection engines, which are at the edge of technological breakthrough. The machines set international standards for low emissions and fuel consumption and meet China's demand for environmental protection.

Costantino Sambuy, head of Piaggio Asia-Pacific, said the company selected Beijing for the first China store because of the interest in high-end motorbikes and fashion. Vespa shows incomparable style in design and a strong cosmopolitan personality, a bold and fashionable character to reflect drivers' sophisticated and trend-setting lifestyle."

The capital has seen dramatic economic growth in recent years and Vespa said the city could lead the scooter trend throughout China.

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