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Volvo displaced by Volkswagen as Sweden's best-selling car

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Volvo has been knocked off the top-selling list in its home country for the first time in 50 years.

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According to figures released by Sweden's carmakers' association, Volvo still retained the lead in terms of overall share of the car market, but the Volkswagen Polo made up 5.9% of new cars sold, above the likes of the V70, S90 and V90, which totalled 5.7%.

The last year Volvo did not take the top car spot was 1962 when Volkswagen also displaced it with the VW Beetle.

Apart from China, Volvo has its biggest market share in Sweden and still maintains its presence as the preeminent brand in the country, with the BBC reporting that over 20% of cars on the roads there being made by the company. Volkswagen remains on around 15%.

The company's V70 model, the most popular car in Sweden for the past two decades, is no longer being produced, as Volvo attempts to focus its efforts on the newer V90 model.

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